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Ansett Australia

Ansett Australia or Ansett-ANA was founded by Reginald Myles “Reg” Ansett in 1935. The Melbourne based carrier operated an array of prop and jet powered aircraft across Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region. Ansett soon became a key competitor in the Australian Aviation Industry and played a large role in the establishment of many smaller companies in Australia. The airline was placed into administration on the 13th of September 2001 after suffering financial collapse. Operations for the Ansett brand ceased on March 4th 2002. Ansett operated for a notable 66 years and 11 days after its first take-off from Hamilton, Victoria in 1936.

The legend lives on with Collectable Aircraft Wings Australia stocking a diverse range of Ansett models from the early 1950s all the way to the final days of the companies operation in 2002. Brands such as AeroClassics, Gemini Jets, JC Wings and InFlight 200, just to name a few, have all produced stunning scaled reproductions of the many aircraft and liveries operated by Ansett over it’s 66 years in Australian skies.

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